Mechanical Engineering

The best production machines operate reliably, efficiently and most importantly... profitably. The process to achieve those results starts with good design. Utilizing CAD/CAE design tools helps us document your mechanical and electrical processes. These design documents are an integral part of our process from start to finish.

Production and assembly machines are also a long part of our history and experience. The accuracy, quality and flexibility learned from the demanding automotive sector have become characteristics that we carry over into other areas of manufacturing including metallurgy, energetics.

Example of our solution:

Leak testing robotic cell

Turnkey delivery of full automatic leak testing machine handled by two ABB Robots. Leak testing of car air-conditioning evaporator coils.

  • 2x ABB ROBOT IRB 4600-45/2.05  with handling capacity 45kg
  • Gripper SCHUNK
  • Control system Allen-Bradley - Rockwell Automation

Mechanical Engineering Design:

  • Inventor
  • NX
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