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Assembly lines

We belong to the system integrators and automation partners for Tier 1 suppliers in automation industry.

We provide automation solutions for final assemblies of world leading car producers and for German, Austrian, Italian and many other Tier 1 suppliers.

Example of our solution:

Scania painting line conveyor system

The turn key delivery of a paintshop conveyor system. The reconstruction and exchange from PLC5 to ControlLogix control system. The installation of new roll conveyors. Electrical control panels production.

  • Festo Pneumatics
  • Control system and VFDs Rockwell:
    • PowerFlex 755 a 525
    • PLC GuardLogix 1756-L72S + 1756-L7SP
    • PanelView Plus 1000 Panel

Example of our solution:

Forging line of aluminium chassis Strojmetal

The turn key delivery of forging and heat treatment processing lines. The development, mechanical and electrical engineering, coordination of subsupplies, PLC, vizualization and robotic SW development.

  • 16 ABB Robots
  • Customized conveyor technology
  • BSN furnaces
  • Presses Smeral and Dieffenbacher

Example of our solution:

Part of Scania's final assembly „Tilt line"

The turn key delivery of a part of Scania assembly line. Conveyor technology for Scania Trucks cabins including "Tilt line" - transfer of a cabin from skillet to skid using two sychronized ABB robots.

  • ABB Robots
  • Festo Pneumatics
  • Control system and VFDs Rockwell:
    • PowerFlex 755
    • PLC GuardLogix 1756-L74S + 1756-L7SP
    • PanelView Plus 1000 Panel

Example of our solution:

Audi Neckarsulm welding line for car roofs

The turnkey delivery of Audi A6 roof welding cell. Robotic, cleaning, positioning and welding. Electrical engineering, PLC SW development, vizualization, Robotic SW development, electrical and control panel production, installation, commissioning, optimalization.

  • Eplan P8
  • PLC Siemens Simatic S7
  • SW standard Audi
  • WinCC
  • InterBus
  • SEW
  • Robot KUKA VKRC2

Example of our solution:

Series of wood processing projects for Kronospan Group

The delivery of automation for woodprocessing production lines of the Kronospan Group. Electrical hardware design, electrical cabinet manufacturing, electrical installation, PLC and PC software develepoment.

Complete automation solution for the whole OSB and PVC production technology including conveyor technology, saw control, wrapping and others.

Example of our solution:

Series of projects for Comau Powertrain

The subcontract of electrical installation, PLC software development and production supervision for Daimler Star Transmission in Germany, Italy and Romania.

Example of our solution:

Series of projects for Volkswagen Group

The longlasting cooperation on sub-supplies of PLC and Robotic SW development for Voith Industrial Services. Body shop Audi Neckarsulm, Audi Ingolstadt, VW Wolfsburg, VW Emden, VW Nizny Novgorod.

Our projects include:

  • automation delivery of final turnkey assemblies
  • conveyor technology
  • robotics assembly lines
  • current conveyor technology reconstruction
  • Skid and Skillet technology
  • many others
Assembly line.

Assembly line.