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What is troubling you?

  • Where are your production bottlenecks?
  • How many hours a day does your crucial machine really produce?
  • Is your daily output sufficient or not?
  • Are you and your colleagues always looking for something?
  • Does it seem that you spend more time adjusting your line than operating?
  • Do you have to ask several colleagues for information about your production?

What is Lean

Lean helps you and your colleagues to see and eliminate waste - Overproduction, Inventory, Transport, Motion, Overprocessing, Waiting, Defects and Unused potential.

What services we provide

Process analysis
We identify bottlenecks and sources of waste in your production process thanks to value stream mapping. Together we design solutions regarding implementation speed and impact to EBITDA.

Efficiency improvement
We systematically eliminate waste in your processes. Typically we reduce changeover times, eliminate useless searching for material and tools, implement 5S principals and shopfloor management.

Production monitoring
DatICE, our solution for online production monitoring helps you eliminate waste and make better decisions.

Automatization audit
We are able to support your efforts to select the possible layout of new production to optimize material flow. Thanks to dynamic simulation we are able to validate several variants.

Change project management
We are able to provide you with change project management. Typical change projects we manage for our clients are implementation of lean production, advance planning or master data cleaning in your information system.

Why Lean with ICE

We do not make only nice slides and useless analysis. 
You will not spend several hundreds thousand for nice slides, abstract advice and useless analysis with us. We rely on implementation of changes with real impact to your EBITDA.

We are not consultants detached from production reality. 
Our team consists of experienced managers with practical experience. Our team members have worked as production, financial or logistics managers.

We combine Lean with our own HW and SW solutions.
We are able to implement an improvement project including automatization and our own production monitoring system.

How we work

We are able to identify bottlenecks in your production process thanks to methods such as VSM, FMEA, Spagetti diagram. Together we can direct our resources and time to areas with the biggest impact to your EBITDA.

Based on identified opportunities we are able to design possible solutions and rank them based on implementation speed and return on investment. The solutions might be organizational or technical. 

During implementation we become part of your team and use agile methodologies. Training and further development of your colleagues in Lean is part of our improvement implementation.

ICE Lean

Typical results of our projects

  • Improved productivity by 10–25 %
  • Improved production output by 10–15 %
  • Reduced changeover times by 10–50 %
  • Implemented online production monitoring system
  • Implemented daily production and tools planning
  • Implemented shopfloor management system
  • Implemented 5S and eliminated waste
  • Trained people on Lean methodologies

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