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S5, Step 7, TIA Portal, Distributed Safety, WinCC, WinCC Flexible, WinCC Comfort, Sinamics, Simotion Scout

Allen Bradley
ControlLogix, MicroLogix, RSLogix 5000, RSLogix 500, Studio 5000, Kinetix, Factory Talk View, Powerflex

System 2005, X20 System, Aprol, Automation Studio, Mapp Technology, Safety

TwinCat 2.0, TwinCAT 3.0, Safe PLC, Motion, Unival PLC

Melsec FX1X, FX3U, PLC Qxxx,  GX Works, GX Developer, GT Designer

Unity Pro XL

DCS: 800xa, Symphony+, PLC: AC500

GE Fanuc (Emerson)
řada 90-30, DOS-LogicMaster, GE IP,  řada RX3i a RSTi, Proficy Machine

Wago, IFM a další


Technology: MultiMove Coordinated, External axis, Arc, SafeMove
Applications: Handling, 3D BinPicking, Palletisation, Cutting (Water Jet, Laser, Knife), Welding (Laser, Arc, Spot), Dispensing (Glue, Oil)
Software: RobotStudio 6.08 (Advanced simulations)

Technology: iRVision, ArcWelding, Karel, DCS
Applications: Handling, Depalletisation, Welding, Dispensing (Oil), Tightening
Software: RoboGuide 9 (Advanced simulations)

Technology: SafeRobot, VASS_24
Applications: Handling, Palletisation, Welding, Cutting
Software: WorkVisual (Hardware configuration)

Technology: Absolute Robot, Force sensor
Applications: Handling, Vision, Depalletisation, Dispensing (Oil)
Software: SRS 2016/2019, ApplicomIO, OptimizeLab

and more:
Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Universal Robots, Hyundai, Panasonic


WinCC, InTouch, LabView, MS-SQL, VB, JavaScript, C#/C/C++  and more

Camera systems

Keyence, Cognex, Balluff, Datalogic and more

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Mechanical production
Manufacture and installation of electrical switchboards
Production and installation of control panels and consoles
Cable routes and cabling
Adjustment and commissioning

Service and support

Production supervision
Warranty and post-warranty service
24/7 hotline
Spare parts management
Operator and maintenance training

Specific services

Diagnostics for fault prevention of drives
Inspection and replacement of oil / belts in robots - ICE as partner for robot manufacturer in service area
Calibration (KUKA - special equipment required) - ICE as partner for robot manufacturer in service area
Inspection and replacement of backup batteries in switchboards

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We want to assure you that we do not limit ICE services in any way.  We do our best to make a positive use of the situation, and we work harder to improve our offering and product development.

One of our values is flexibility, so the related restrictions do not threaten us. We have a deep bench of capable professional resources, so we are ready to help you in any way, both at this time and after the end of the “madness”. And in full force!

We wish you and us to normalize as quickly as possible and look forward to further cooperation. ”

Tomáš Vránek
CEO of ICE Industrial Services