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Working at ICE is not a job. It is a lifestyle!

We build our culture on honesty, professionalism and flexibility. Our mission is to deliver the best possible projects for outstanding customers. We have pictured our vision clearly so it gives us the right direction in both our daily lives in ICE and our long-term strategic decisions. We all know our vision and stick to it. It isn‘t just a piece of paper for us. With our values it forms who we are.

We will always be people-centric

We know that our success will always depend on people. We chose our colleagues based on their beliefs, values and attitudes. These are often more important to us than their skills. With a bit of self-determination you can easily learn to be experts in your field, but to change your personality is never simple. That is why our people and their happiness at ICE more important to us than the project‘s profit alone. 

Working in ICE is definitely not a piece of cake and we know it's not for everyone. But for those who work with us, work has become fun.

Our ICE family values

ICE values represent each single one of us. We believe, share and live our common values. Team, integrity, flexibility, professionalism and fun are not only words for us. They guide us on our way to being the leader in production automation in the Czech Republic and Europe, while maintaining our unique culture. At ICE we want to feel as members of a wider family rather than just as random colleagues from work.

Our own rules

We are keen to innovate and learn from other professionals. We acknowledge the wisdom of their achievements and are always ready to be inspired by them. Nevertheless, we do not adapt the ideas and methodologies of others blindly. We rather adjust them according to our needs. The agile project management can be an example of that. We love it, but we changed it based on our experience to make our cooperation easier and more transparent.

Our “bubble” structure

Classical hierarchical organizational structure does not work for us. We all decide for ourselves what projects we want to work on. It is possible because we have a great team and common grounds of shared values, clear ICE vision and goals. We make our strategic decisions together and even though there is more than one hundred of us, we never work in teams of more than seven. Each single one of us is responsible for the outcome of the projects we are working on as well as for the overall revenues of ICE. We all cherish keeping our word, and proactively seek ways to deliver our projects in the best possible quality we can be proud of, enjoying our work at the same time.

We are a part of a strong and stable Czech industrial group. In 2014 Strojmetal Aluminum Forging - one of the world leading aluminum chassis manufacturers - became our majority shareholder. Through our mother company we became part of MTX Group.

Each team member influences the strategy of our company. All meetings are open to anyone in the team. We meet regularly and  we make decisions together.

We manage our projects and strategy with Agile project management. Thanks to Agile tools such as daily stand-up meetings, weekly reviews and weekly demos we deliver our projects always on time and in the highest quality.  Several times a year we organize Agile training and workshops where we develop our most effective processes.

We work together, we have fun together. Each team member can organize an event, according to his or her interests and the team members join him. For example,  we go skiing several times a season.

Our interests and hobbies blend in many sports teams we have. We love meeting our friends and business partners at various sport events.

We believe that every business should not only make profit for its own needs but also use it for the benefits of the society. Therefore our ICE Foundation gives bach, helping those in need, especially children. For example we support Žďár‘s primary school Na Radosti and little Sofinka in her struggle with SMA disease.

Learn how our unique ICE culture is the best fit for providing you with a first-rate professional automation solution.

We believe that you – as our current customers – will be happy to feel as a part of our ICE clan.

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