Work at ICE is not a job. It is a lifestyle.

From the successful start-up of four people, we have grown in a few years into one of the fastest growing automation companies in the Czech Republic and probably in Europe.

Where we are heading

We will always be "people-oriented" not "profit-oriented" business.

Where we are going

ICE Team

We have set our own cooperation rules.

How we work together

Work with us

Work with us is fun, but it is not easy and it is not for everyone.

More about working with ICE

Each team member influences the strategy of our company. All meetings are open to anyone in the team. We meet regularly and  we make decisions together.

We manage our projects and strategy with Agile project management. Thanks to Agile tools such as daily stand-up meetings, weekly reviews and weekly demos we deliver our projects always on time and in the highest quality.  Several times a year we organize Agile training and workshops where we develop our most effective processes.

We work together, we have fun together. Each team member can organize an event, according to his or her interests and the team members join him. For example,  we go skiing several times a season.

Our interests and hobbies blend in many sports teams we have. We love meeting our friends and business partners at various sport events.

Věříme, že důvod existence podniku má být i v šíření dobra ve společnosti. S pomocí ICE Nadace proto vracíme zpět: pomáháme potřebným, především dětem. Finančně například podporujeme žďárskou základní Školu Na Radosti a Sofinku v jejím boji se SMA. 

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