Be the best

There so many enthusiastic, engaged and talented people in ICE company, that it would be a sin not to use their potential and not become a leader in our field of automation. Thanks to our culture, the background of our mother company Strojmetal and the MTX Group, we have the best conditions to achieve that. 

  • We want to deliver the best projects for best customers.
  • We try to achieve the best reputation, thanks to which we are highly-demanded for our work.
  • We create our own island of fun, integrity, and professionalism.
  • Thanks to Agile Project Management, we always deliver on time and in the highest quality.
  • We  have been educating ourselves and we are inspired by best companies in the world.

  • We believe the enterprise purpose of existence is not accumulating the valuables but the spreading the good in the society. Using the "ICE Foundation" we help the needy, preferably children.

What our vision means to us

We included all branches of our work in the vision. Everyone is responsible for his or her part. We do not consider supplies of particular teams  a business deal but  a kind of emotion - everyone puts a part of his or her heart in the project and therefore a living creature of our company is created. We have to face difficulties and troubles from time to time anyway. However, we solve them efficiently, decently and quickly.

Production line

Production line