We design and develop high-tech projects for leading global companies

  • Most our projects start in our offices with design engineering and hardware design.
  • Followed by production and control software preparation .
  • The assembly and testing are mostly carried out in our production facilities in Prague and Brno.
  •  The line shipped to the customer for assembly and commissioning in the final phase.
  • Our projects usually take from about half a year to a year.
  • Individual phases usually long for a few  weeks and they vary according to the complexity of the project.

Each of us determines own conditions for work with regard to other members of the team

  • We understand that everyone sometimes needs extra time off.
  • Everyone can put their ideas into practice not only within our projects but also in the strategic development of our company.
  • We are building together a company liked by employees and customers. The company to which people come, but from which they rarely leave.
  • Every team member manages his or her own work and leisure time according to personal and team needs.
  • Everyone directly affects their earnings and their career growth.

We are the team with a great mood and atmosphere

  • We are inspired by the culture of the best companies in the world such as Google or Spotify
  • Thanks to our HR team and our excellent onboarding system, every newcomer becomes one of us quickly.
  • We organize various activities - working and relaxing, we go together for beer, a positive relation to alcohol cannot hurt ;-)

As an HR Manager I am really happy we do not need any sales department. Our own people are our best advertisement and thanks to them we have plenty of interesting work in the pipeline. 

I am excited to be a part of the ICE team, knowing that a person is valued more than he/she would probably be in a corporate company. It is encouraging to have a chance to be involved in building our culture and processes. I admire our management team how it coordinates the mess within all the changes running and how it keeps the company moving forward. Joining ICE was the best decision in my life.

I have found our that work can really be fun  since working for ICE. Since then the company has grown more than three times and I have not met a single colleague who would not be helpful or friendly. This just confirms my confidence in the company management and I am glad our core value - TEAM - is put first.

I am excited about our culture of absolute self-realization. I can organize my work myself in the way it works best. I do not feel any pressure from my boss. Morevover, I feel the supportive team members all around me. We enjoy solving our creative tasks together or having  beer. It is a great honor for me to work for ICE and I believe we have a great future ahead.

I am proud of our Design Engineering team achievements in the last few years. Work for ICE is not really a job, it is more a lifestyle that I really enjoy. Working with people, friends who are enthusiastic  makes you feel we are all more like a family than a company. This is the motivation for me and it keeps me going for all the new challenges.

We have projects around the whole World

  • We currently have eight branch offices throughout the Czech Republic and we plan to open two more in 2019.
  • We have our production facilities in Prague and in Brno. If necessary, we rent out production facilities close to our offices or close to our customers.
  • We try to meet our people needs in terms of their travel time.
  • Whoever likes traveling can spend a whole year on various projects literally around the world, who wants to travel less, is developing a project with less travelling requirement.
Industrial Automation Team

Industrial Automation Team