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Single purpose machines

We deliver single purpose machines for a great variety of customers.

We have developed the cooperation  from  small family businesses, where our machines produce entire products, to multinational corporations – automotive industry suppliers, where single purpose machines are the essential part of the production process.

Example of our solution:

Leak testing robotic cell

The turnkey delivery of  a full automatic leak testing machine handled by two ABB Robots. Leak testing of car air-conditioning evaporator coils.

  • 2x ABB ROBOT IRB 4600-45/2.05  with handling capacity 45kg
  • Gripper SCHUNK
  • Control system Allen-Bradley - Rockwell Automation

Example of our solution:

Robotic CNC machining center

The turnkey delivery of  a robotized tooling machine centre  of three CNCs. Fanuc robot with a double gripper.

  • Robot FANUC R2000i A165F load capacity 165kg
  • SCHUNK gripper
  • Machine tool TAKISAWA (2x LA300, 1xLA 250)
  • Control system FANUC

Example of our solution:

Skis production line

The turnkey delivery of a fully automated production line for ski bindings –  NIS binding pads  - a stacker, drilling, glue applying, a pad-handler, a continuous press, an output conveyor.

  • Festo pneumatics
  • Festo 3D servo-drive
  • Milling and drilling spindle Teknomotor
  • Linear drive motor Hiwin
  • PLC Simatic S7-300

The return of investment in manufacturing machines starts in the first operating year, it goes along with an increased quality, a higher availability of the production line and thanks to savings on costs concerning the staff.

Auto and robotic components has got significantly cheaper recently and due to this fact it is possible to set an interesting price while designing a machine.

Installation and commissioning of a single purpose machine.

Installation and commissioning of a single purpose machine.