Testing machines

The spoilage and number of complaints are decreased significantly thanks to the used product testing technology. The passed tests can guarantee a certain product quality with awarded the product certificate.

Example of our solution:

Leak testing robotic cell

Turnkey delivery of full automatic leak testing machine handled by two ABB Robots. Leak testing of car air-conditioning evaporator coils.

  • 2x ABB ROBOT IRB 4600-45/2.05  with handling capacity 45kg
  • Gripper SCHUNK
  • Control system Allen-Bradley - Rockwell Automation

Example of our solution:

Robotic CNC machining center

The turnkey delivery of robotized tooling machine center of three CNCs. Fanuc robot with double gripper.

  • Robot FANUC R2000i A165F load capacity 165kg
  • SCHUNK gripper
  • Machine tool TAKISAWA (2x LA300, 1xLA 250)
  • Control system FANUC

Example of our solution:

Skis production line

The turnkey delivery of a fully automated production line for ski bindings –  NIS binding pads  - a stacker, drilling, glue applying, a pad-handler, a continuous press, an output conveyor.

  • Festo pneumatics
  • Festo 3D servo-drive
  • Milling and drilling spindle Teknomotor
  • Linear drive motor Hiwin
  • PLC Simatic S7-300


Automatic testing equipment or stations are often called “testers”. These are highly sophisticated devices including the latest technologies of measuring various mechanical or physical properties:

  • testing the shape and dimension match
  • testing physical properties
  • electrical properties
  • quality testing
  • material structure testing
  • leak test
  • Others

Used systems

As far as required product properties checking, measuring and testing we apply the following:

  • Keyence vision systems
  • Sick, Pilz, Balluff sensors
  • SMC, Festo leak sensors
  • Specially developed devices
  • Others