Modular Defense System

We present a unique system of defensive, military and security elements manufactured by 3D printing technology from UHPC - Ultra High Strength concrete. With an infinite number of variations, individual MoDeSty modules can be linked together in an unlimited number of combinations, creating protective barriers, bunkers, checkpoints and houses. They help in military conflicts or protection against terrorism. We offer it to both military and civilian entities. In case of your interest or further questions, just contact us.

We offer our defensive structures in 3 categories of resistance. All are made of UHPC and are combined with sand fill or other similar material that can be from a local source (such as rubble or gravel). In addition to their protective function, all classes offer aesthetics and are therefore suitable for common urban spaces, i.e. for buildings such as embassies, local government buildings, or schools.

1 Star Safety

Whitstands personal-carried firearms caliber

Approximate dimensions:
Height: 1 m
Width: 0.7 - 1 m
Thickness: 0.25 m
Concrete volume: 0.2 m3
Volume of sand: 0.05 m3
Weight without fill: 400 kg
Weight with fill: 500 kg

3 Star Safety

Whitstands shots from light weapons, such as heavy-machine gun or light mortar

Approximate dimensions:
Height: 1 m
Width: 1 - 1.5 m
Thickness: 0.4 m
Concrete volume: 0.4 m3
Volume of sand: 0.2 m3
Weight without fill: 800 kg
Weight with fill: 1100 kg

5 Star Safety

Whitstands heavy-weapon attack, from calibers are tank and APC-mounted guns

Approximate dimensions:
Height: 1 m
Width: 1-1.5 m
Thickness: 0.7 m
Concrete volume: 0.6 m3
Volume of sand: 0.25 m3
Weight without fill: 1200 kg
Weight with fill: 1600 kg

Modularity and scalability

The modules are designed to be compatible with each other. Simple elements can be used to build complex structures in different sizes and almost any quantity as required.

3D printing technology allows a truss or other internal structure to be created within the element. This makes it possible to combine different materials, depending on local availability and durability requirements. This has been verified by certified testing laboratories with excellent results. Above all, the strength and modularity of this system is fundamentally superior to traditional sandbags. In addition, we replace dangerous and arduous work with robotic forces instead of humans.

The system is designed from several types of simple elements with different radii and heights.

Easy disassembly and tailor-made configuration.

The design of the system allows for easy handling.


Radius and height adjustment as required

Special elements whose 3D model and modifications are a matter of minutes in a 3D modelling environment. Concrete 3D printing technology allows you to print any shape. Each print can be started immediately and is ready within tens of minutes of designing the master.

Advanced options/added features

Special elements whose 3D model and modifications are a matter of minutes in the 3D modeling environment. 3D concrete printing technology allows you to print any shapes. Each print can be printed immediately and is completed within tens of minutes of designing the original.

ICE Coral Mobile

COncrete Robotic Arm Laying Mobile 3D concrete printer

The mobile concrete printer allows for unlimited possibilities to produce special customized concrete parts anywhere in the world. Safety features, houses, urban furniture or building elements, it's all possible. 

On-site printing combines the advantages of 3D printing, prefabrication and construction. This combination reduces high transport costs and cuts production costs by up to 50 %. 

Fast turnaround, affordability and the ability to produce structures without traditional lost formwork are great arguments for producing a variety of building elements using 3D printing.

Contact us

We offer solutions to both military and civilian entities. We will be happy to present our solution, which will soon be deployed in Ukraine, to you in person!