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A cross-functional team

ICE culture, ICE projects

„A cross-functional team is a Swiss knife between teams. It does not rely on robustness, but on flexibility and efficiency. It enables a large number of tasks to be tackled quickly and allows the needs of a wide range of customers in different industries to be addressed.”


Jiří Šubrt I Senior Team Leader

We successfully completed more than two hundred of larger or smaller automation projects last year. 

Our work doesn't end with the handover of the line, but we keep working with our customers to figure out how to make their production more efficient. And because we like facts instead of impressions, we use production process simulations for most of the studies. 

The combination of lean manufacturing specialists with the design and electrical engineering teams has created a powerful engineering team that is highly effective in finding optimal solutions for production processes – from identifying problem areas and bottlenecks in existing lines to completing  designs for new lines.