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We are looking for new ways. We're trying. Changing. Testing.

You'll never hear the phrase "We do it the way it's always been done" in ICE.

ICE are the people

What holds ICE together is their relationships.

We are the largest team of automation programmers in the Czech Republic

Together with a strong team of designers, assemblers and project experts, we will guide you on your way to the digital factory.

We started in 2012 in a garage with five people

Obrázek 1
We assembled the first switchboards at the technical director's garage
Obrázek 2
We had no money for clothes
Obrázek 3
We had no money for water
Obrázek 4
Obrázek 5
Obrázek 6

We are a turquoise organization

We are motivated by our mission and values. 

Our Vision

Our values are not empty words on the boardroom wall

98% of our people think ICE values are essential to our daily functioning.

Our mission is to push the boundaries - through automation

We are not only technically innovative, but we set trends in project management, corporate culture, and education. We are constantly pushing the boundaries in everything we do.

Organising for future generations

We bring young people into the game during their studies

We are an organization that adapts to the contemporary world, its specifics and the changing needs of people.

A job with us is not a job. It's a lifestyle.

A job with us is not a job. It's a lifestyle.

People often ask me how ICE is doing at this time, "How's business? Do you have enough work? Are you laying off?" And I can safely answer, "We're growing. It's critical to maintaining success." In fact, in my nearly ten years at ICE, I don't remember it being any different. As the ICE brand has grown, so has awareness and trust among our customers."

Staňa Konvička, Commercial Director


We adapt and change.
Quickly and constantly.

We welcome changes even at a late stage of development. Our agility is an added value for our customers.


Are you interested in our culture?
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