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3D printing pushes the boundaries of construction and architecture

By combining traditional materials and the latest technologies, we save material and time, use human labour efficiently and are environmentally friendly. We provide freedom of design and architectural possibilities.

We have gathered immense knowledge on industrial automation

Now, we turn our efforts to digitizing construction through 3D concrete printing.

Why 3D concrete printing?


Efficient material distribution allows for minimizing the amount used, leading to reduced construction costs and environmental impact.


It creates an opportunity to use environmentally friendly materials.


Utilizing parametric 3D modeling, we've facilitated mass customization without requiring intricate and time-consuming formwork fabrication. The digitization of the entire process is a crucial factor in reducing both manpower and costs.


It addresses a long-standing shortage of construction workers.

Unique Technical Solution

Unique Technical Solution

We are developing a universal complex system for 3D printing concrete.

3D Concrete Printer

Local Material

Local Material

With our own comprehensive system, we are among the first in the world to enable printing from common locally available materials. Our unique print head allows concrete to be mixed with commercially available additives to accelerate the setting of the concrete during printing. This enables efficient material usage.

CF 4.0

Construction Automation

Construction automation is a key element that is transforming the industry and taking it into the 21st century. Our company is a leader in this industry and we use the latest technology to make our construction projects efficient and high quality. Through automation, we achieve increased productivity, reduced costs and minimized errors.


3D concrete printing is writing a new chapter in architecture and ICE wants to be one of the authors

3D concrete printing is writing a new chapter in architecture and ICE wants to be one of the authors

In 2022 two significant moments took place. Artificial intelligence has entered the life of architects, as inspiration by images and running chatbot Chatgpt. Furthermore, 3D printing is established in the area of construction. It is fantastic that Ice is in both events.

A team of architects Ice Architects & Constructions is based on the use of parametric models and recently we have also been involved in the implementation of AI into design. We could present our research on AI in architecture and its use in urbanism and designing cities at the European Congress of Architects in Brussels.

Jiří Uran Vítek

Head of ICE Architects

ICE Architects

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We believe in originality and uniqueness. That is why we design each project exactly to measure. We do not work with templates, we prefer to focus on the specific needs and requirements of our clients.