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Do you enjoy technology? Do you want to experience something new, fun and learn something at the same time during spring break or summer?

Our week-long programming, robotics and automation courses are a great opportunity to see first-hand how the world's unique industrial automation, construction and 3D concrete printing technologies are being developed. You'll learn on real automation projects for customers such as Porsche and Daimler.

Kempy automatizace

Offer of Camps

What can you look forward to?


You will personally meet leading Czech experts in industrial automation.


You will learn and test the basics of automation programming (PLC, HMI) in practice.


Test your programming skills on real applications.

What do we expect from you?

Enthusiasm for technology.
Basic knowledge of programming.
The better your English, the more advantage you will have.


You will learn how projects for global companies (Porsche, Tesla, Audi, Scania...) are carried out.


Join us for a day inside one of the world's most modern manufacturing plants.


Voluntary accompanying programme (cultural and sports activities, etc.).

And what's the last ingredient you need?

Enthusiasm for the cause! It's not just about technique, it's about the desire to explore, discover and create. This is what unites us and makes our camps unforgettable.

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Organisational matters


ICE Industrial Services, Jamská 2630/10,
Žďár nad Sázavou


For maximum efficiency, camp capacity is limited to 8 students.


After completing the course, the student will receive a certificate and, if interested, an offer of an internship, apprenticeship or part-time job.

Through the eyes of students

Through the eyes of students

"What I liked about the camp was that we were able to see what it looks like in an automated operation and we were given detailed descriptions of each machine. At the same time, I liked the good teamwork at ICE, both among the campers and the ICE staff. Attending the camp certainly gave me a new perspective on the world of automation, as I kind of knew what automation looked like, but I had never looked in detail at all the things behind it."

Jakub Kvasnička, summer camp participant 2023

Robotics Courses

Want to build and program your own robot?

Want to build and program your own robot?

Learn how to use it and have lots of fun in our robotics classes.

Most of what we know we learned from someone else. Now we want to give back to the world what we learned from them.



Do you have any questions?
Call Hannah, she'll be happy to answer them..

Hana Matějková Fabíková

Learning & Development Specialist

+420 777 213 518

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