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For companies

Courses for companies are held as closed courses for a maximum of 5 people, which is the reason for their price. Training can be arranged at our branches in Prague, Žďár nad Sázavou, Brno or at the customer's premises.

For natural persons

For individuals, we offer the possibility of enrolling in open courses (except for the courses Fundamentals of Programming for Robotics and Robot Programming). Open courses are always held at our branches and the cost is then shared by multiple customers.

Financing of courses for individuals from the labour office

Our courses fall under the category of Training Courses run by the labour office. If you are interested, you can apply for a course reimbursement of 82% of the total price. The courses are aimed at the general public, there is no requirement to be on the register of jobseekers. If you are interested in this subsidy, you must apply for our course via the application of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, see the links for each course.

Our courses

"We approached ICE Industrial Services, Inc. with a request for customized training for our Czech SPM (Supplier Performance Management) team. We were interested in a series of workshops on industrial automation. We weren't looking for just some basic theoretical training, but sought a company with extensive experience in implementing automation and using modern tools in the industry, understanding the challenges and opportunities we face with our suppliers. The ICE expert team excelled in this task. The workshops were well-prepared, meeting our expectations and requirements. We gained numerous tips for improving manufacturing processes and valuable information on current trends in automation. We particularly valued the personal approach and the focus on practical examples."

Volvo Cars, SPM Prague

We will design a tailor-made course for you

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