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ICE are the people

What holds ICE together is their relationships.


We're not just looking for great people for specific roles, we're often looking for the right role for great people!

Design your position

You don't see your position here, but you want to work in a transparent company where no information is kept secret? Not even the economic ones? Where we give you room for invention, your ideas and where you will be part of a team where we help each other and you are never alone? If so, it's time to let us know about you.

Having an aligned team is more than processes for us

What awaits you if everything goes well?


Does he make you nervous? No need to be. Just be yourself. Andy and Terka are our recruiting heartthrobs who want to get to know you - technically, humanly, values-wise. We're straightforward and we don't play games..

Forget boring PowerPoints and long speeches. In two weeks, we'll help you build a solid foundation for your ICE career. You'll learn what it means to be part of something bigger..

Team training, getting to know the projects and getting into action - this is the best way to move forward.

We work in self-directed teams and if you don't know what to do, your navigator will help you find the right direction..

You can take away common experiences not only from the projects, but also from our legendary events such as road trips, bikes, skis, yachts, balloon flights, diving, etc..

Fun is one of our values

Quote Zdeněk Ondráček

,,I work with some of the best people in the industry who share my values, which creates an environment where even difficult things can be handled well, and I enjoy that.”

Zdeněk Ondráček, Software leader

Ten cities in the Czech Republic boast strong ICE teams

But it is important to say that the place is not the most important thing for us. You can work from anywhere. We're all connected via the cloud, and not having a "pin" somewhere on the map has never limited us.


We have projects in the Czech Republic and abroad

The commissioning of a machine or production line at a customer's site takes many weeks and involves the entire team that worked on the project. In doing so, we always try to accommodate the requirements of our people and deploy them on projects in a way that suits the level of travel involved. However, we cannot do our work completely from one location.


We adapt and change. Quickly and constantly.

We welcome changes even at a late stage of development. Our agility is an added value for our customers.

ICE is a team we are proud of!

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Get in touch with Terce or Andy, they'll be happy to fill you in.

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