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PLC Automation Programmer

Whole Czech Republic

Currently there are about 200 of us in the company, including about 60 PLC programmers in 9 branches - from west to east: from Pilsen, Prague, Pardubice, Zdar nad Sazavou, Jihlava, Brno, Hranice, Ostrava, and Trutnov. It's up to you where you work.

PLC Automation Programmer

We are looking for experienced programmers and juniors in the field of automation to complement our team of programmers

  • Do you want freedom at work and the courage to take responsibility for your decisions?
  • Do you have experience with Simatic, Allen Bradley, GE, B+R, Bosch or other PLC programming?
  • Or do you have experience with .NET, C++, C#, VB industrial applications?
  • Alternatively, do you have a degree in a relevant field and just lack experience and want to learn?
  • Do you understand English or German without any problems?
  • Are you optimistic and would like to be surrounded by people like you?

We have projects in the Czech Republic and abroad

  • Most projects are first prepared in the office and then the software needs to be brought to life on site
  • Depending on the type of project, the different phases can take several weeks
  • We try to accommodate the different requirements of our people and deploy them on projects so that the amount of travel suits them
  • Those who like to travel can spend a whole year on different projects literally all over the world, those who like to travel less usually spend a few weeks a year on site

We've got a good job for you, the rest is up to you

  • You will be able to implement your ideas in project work, but also in the strategic development of the company
  • You will work on cutting-edge high-tech projects that make sense
  • You'll work in a company that employees and customers love
  • You'll either work in one of our offices, in our customers' offices or bring projects to life on site

And how does it look in our SW team?

The software team is the largest team in the company and quite possibly one of the largest programming teams in industrial automation in the country.

We currently have more than 60 members and are still growing. You'll find experts to learn from, you'll work on exciting projects for customers all over the world, and like all of ICE, you'll have great people around you who are always happy to help you so that together we can deliver the best performance.

Four experienced programmers Vojta, Zdenda, Jarda and Zsolt are in charge of the team's strategy. They are dedicated to the development of the team and its individual members, recruiting other skilled programmers or even working with students.

Their joint effort is to pass on their know-how and build the next generation of experienced programmers and leaders. Because development and growth is really important to us, this strategic team also has a navigator, Jana, who regularly meets with the people in the team to develop their soft skills.

We work with people's potential and are not afraid to put our trust in junior programmers who have the opportunity to grow really fast at ICE.

Anything else you want to ask? Write me or call me.

Tereza Teclová

Tereza Teclová

Talent Scout

+420 724 518 004 

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