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96% of people believe that values are important to our functioning

For ICE, values are the key to building a company in which people do not make decisions based on hierarchy or a set of cards, but on their own abilities, convictions and common sense.

The entire ICE team was involved in their creation. They were created on the basis of everyone's personal values. That is why they are not clichés - gibberish without content. We really live them and what's more, they help us find new colleagues - partners who will fit in well with us. Our values determine how we want to treat ourselves and how we present ourselves to the outside world. Honoring our values is thus more important to us than expertise or experience, which we can learn over time. 

Everyone creates their own working conditions. We're all ticking each other off. It's not rudeness, just a natural need for relaxed and open dialogue. We have great freedom, but also great responsibility. It is the company values we have established among ourselves that help us to strike the right balance between freedom and order.


5 values, keywords

ICE could be described with these five words - TEAM, HONESTY, PROFESSIONAL, FLEXIBILITY, FUN, because they describe us exactly.

We agreed on them back in 2016 and to this day there has been no reason to change anything. These keywords help us make the right decisions, select new team members or sometimes even say goodbye to those who are not in line with them.

The art of appreciating the other

Values T-shirts teach us to appreciate each other, to express respect for others and they are also further proof that our corporate values are not just empty words on paper.

It is a special edition that an individual can only get by being publicly nominated as an ambassador of the value. It cannot be bought or otherwise obtained anywhere.

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