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Only what is measured can begin to improve

Our DatICE system can collect, display and evaluate data in real time. We can connect to any machine - old, new, with or without PLC access. We can increase your OEE.

What does DatICE look like?

What does DatICE look like?

What can DatICE help you with?

Day 1

You will see the results of the comparison between shifts. You will detect unnecessary downtime.

Week 1

Identify causes of scrap, evaluate downtime and performance of individual machines.

1st month

With DatICE, you have complete information to optimize your line and make strategic decisions to maximize OEE.

We offer

We offer

1.     DatICE Basic MICE

  • Basic DatICE variant

  • On machines/links with MICE standard software

  • Basic machine status

  • Alarms

2.    DatICE Custom

  • Variant according to customer requirements

  • DatICE Basic MICE

  • + Customer-specific modules

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For our customer we delivered a complete line including the DatICE Custom data acquisition system. This system has also been supplemented several times over time with new functionalities according to the individual needs of the customer and thanks to this, our customer has an immediate and historical overview of the status of the entire line. This includes the measurement of basic production parameters such as OEE, scrap rate, performance of individual shifts, production overview, quantification of downtime, alarms and more. All clearly and online.

Result of shifts

Result of shifts



Cycle time

Cycle time

Production indicators

Production indicators

Frequently asked questions and answers

What can we connect to DatICE?

  • New machines delivered by ICE

  • PLC controlled machines with OPC UA

    • Simatic S7-1500 or S7-1200

    • Rockwell ControlLogix, CompactLogix v21 and higher

    • CoDeSys controllers, Schneider, Omron, Wago, Phoenix...

  • Machines controlled by older PLC - adding HW for data acquisition 

    • S7-1200

    • HardwarIO (LORA, Chester IoT hub, Amber)

What happens to the data after the end of the contract?

  • Data is stored on ICE disks in the cloud

  • Data from completed projects are deleted after 1 month

  • Data can be backed up and transmitted to the customer in "offline" form

Lead time?

  • 2 weeks for the basic DatICE-BM module (subject to availability)

  • Optional modules - 1 week per module

  • Extra modules developed on customer's request - according to requirements


  • Standard as automation projects

  • We define in the SoD

How to share data with a third party?

  • Databases can be linked using common procedures

  • Necessary cooperation between the Contracting Authority and ICE

  • Price according to time requirement according to hourly rate

Is cooperation with higher-level systems possible?

  • Use of existing production database and combination with collected data in dashboard

  • Communication with ERP, MES - production planning, user accounts, production recipes

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