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Automated furnaces are redefining the standards for heat treatment of materials, whether it is to achieve desired properties, optimize processes or ensure high quality end products.

The interaction between the furnace and the robot is handled through a communication interface via the master control system

In forging applications, we often deal with the inlet and outlet of preheating furnaces, where the temperature of the parts reaches 550-580 °C. The handling of parts is handled by industrial robots from the world's leading manufacturers. We design our own robust part grippers with temperature protection to allow parts to be loaded and unloaded directly from the furnace conveyor belt.

Automated furnaces are modern technological devices that play an important role in the processing of various materials in an industrial environment.  

These devices are designed to allow automated control of temperature parameters and other important factors during heat treatment. Their applications range from metal fabrication, ceramic industry to electronics and other industries.

Automation of heating furnaces
Sample of our solution

Automation of heating furnaces

On forging line projects, we solve the handling of parts for our customers using robots that can accurately and quickly load and unload parts into contour or stepping furnaces.

The last project in numbers:

  • Operation of 4 furnaces in the forging line
  • Use of a total of eight ABB robots, including multi-position grippers with automatic tool changer
  • Communication with furnace control and material flow monitoring
  • Automatic emptying of the furnace if the process time or temperature is exceeded

Other references

They are advanced devices designed with efficiency, accuracy and repeatability of thermal cycles in mind.

  • Thanks to control systems and sensors, automated furnaces are able to maintain precisely defined temperatures and times, ensuring consistent and accurate heat treatment results.
  • Automation eliminates human intervention during the process, thus increasing speed, production efficiency and reducing overall heat treatment time.
  • Technology-assisted control and monitoring can minimize human error and imperfections in the heat treatment process.
  • Automated furnaces are capable of performing various types of heat treatment without the need to physically rebuild the equipment.


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