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Automation of Machining and Deburring

Automation of Machining and Deburring

Use advanced robotic systems and controlled technologies to create complex shapes and structures from a variety of materials

We design and supply our own control system for the entire line with evaluation of production data and statistics

Today, machining automation is an integral part of the modern manufacturing process. We design and implement various solutions for automatic operation. We robotically reload the input material in transport containers or blisters, including input inspection, setting up and removal from the CNC machine. Before leaving the line, we often integrate camera inspection, DMC code application or assembly operations.

Automated machining and deburring is an advanced process that uses modern robotic systems and controlled technologies to create complex shapes and structures from a variety of materials.

This method involves not only precision machining such as milling, turning and grinding, but also rapid deburring to ensure a perfect surface finish.


  • Increased accuracy leads to minimized errors and material loss, resulting in lower costs and greater efficiency.
  • Faster production processes mean faster time-to-market and therefore a competitive advantage.
  • The reliability of automated processes reduces the risk of defective products and improves overall quality
Chassis parts machining lines
Sample of our solution

Chassis parts machining lines

For our customer, we delivered complete turnkey assembly and machining lines L1 and L2. This included development, design, electrical design. Development of control software for PLC, vision and robots. A complete overhead control system that handles all line technology and material flow including time and space identification.

Delivered technology:

  • 18 ABB robots
  • BinPicking Photoneo technology
  • TOX press
  • DMC laser part marking QR codes
  • Siemens Simatic S7 PLC
  • Software communication with machining centre SW

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