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ICE Service allows you to quickly and expertly resolve unexpected technical problems with your machines

ICE Service gives you budget flexibility and better control over your operational maintenance costs. Pay only for the services you need, when you need them. We'll save you the cost of hiring and training dedicated staff, allowing you to focus on your work. We adapt to your needs and take care of your production.

obrázek Servis ICE vám umožnuje rychlé a odborné vyřešení nenadálých technických problémů vašich strojů

What are you worried about?

  • You have frequent breakdowns on your lines, machines or complete production failures?
  • You are constantly dealing with problems with your maintenance and service department and the quality of their staff? 
  • Is it a big problem for you to find experienced programmers, roboticists?
  • Are your employees able to diagnose PLCs, FM and robots based on HW and SW?
  • You have a problem with spare parts and their availability?

What we can help you with

  • Analysis of problem machines and production lines
    Documentation of actual status, backups from robots /PLC/FM.
  • Replacement of obsolete HW with new compatible HW
  • PLC, FM and robot diagnostics based on HW 
    Modifications to SW logic functions.
  • DatICE data collection
    Preparing machines for data collection. Have production data immediately available online!
  • Remote management
    Implement remote management, connect and troubleshoot using remote management.
  • HOTLINE service on call
    On-call service up to 24/7, including possible trips to the breakdown site.
  • Machine safety audit
    We will assess the safety of your machinery and equipment in accordance with applicable laws. We will carry out audits and inspections, evaluate possible risks and prepare complete documentation.

Why service from ICE?

ICE's extensive and experienced team of experts

We have a team of up to 70 programmers, roboticists, electrical fitters with thorough training on various systems (Siemens, B&R, A/B, Mitsubishi, Fanuc, KUKA, ABB).

Individual approach

As each customer has a specific production and different machinery, we approach each customer individually and offer service based on their exact needs.

We are an official partner of the largest manufacturers

We are an official partner of the largest manufacturers of HW in the field of industrial automation, thanks to which we have superior capabilities in solving service interventions.

obrázek - SW servis a údržba

How we work

,,We have been cooperating with ICE Industrial Services since 2018. We have established cooperation in the implementation of a modification to the pressing robot line for the production of heat exchangers. On the basis of their operation, we have extended this cooperation over the following years with the SW service of the line with on-call service provided by the company, which provides us with 24/5 support. We also cooperate in the development of new production technologies and intend to approach the company for our future projects. This company is characterized by its high professionalism and flexibility and will always provide us with expert advice and assistance.”

Jaroslav Kaderka, Global Technical Manager, HEATEX CZECH REBUBLIC,s.r.o.

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