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Make the most of your machines' potential

For existing machines and lines, we offer diagnostics, optimization and implementation of designs for specific modifications such as line balancing, robot path optimization, software and design changes.

The aim is to advise and implement the best possible treatment to make your machines and lines work optimally.

Our great advantage is that we have expert teams of the necessary professions under one roof. From process engineers, business consultants, designers, programmers to roboticists.

The key to the efficiency of your machines


We monitor the machine on the fly, pull up operational data and talk to your people who work with it on a daily basis. The result is an inventory of potential problems. We then use the analysis of the data collected to prioritize the problems and work with you to define the root causes that make sense to address.


We solve specific problems for which we nominate the right project team with the necessary specialties. This results in proposed solutions ranging from organisational to technical. We evaluate the proposed solutions together with you according to agreed criteria.


We implement the selected solutions and hand over the finished result. Often we modify the final layout of the new machine design, write the necessary documentation and train the right people for the new processes. We verify the results together with a certain distance to make sure that the modifications have produced the desired results.

We can increase your KPI and OEE

We can increase your KPI and OEE

With our DatICE system, we give you the ideal tool to get the most out of your machines. We can connect to any machine - old, new, with or without PLC access. Our system can collect, display and evaluate data in real time. 

More information about DatICE

Our projects

Feasibility study for line acceleration

The aim of this project was to evaluate the current state of the two lines and prepare proposals for their efficiency and automation. The project involved experts in process engineering, mechanical design, electrical engineering, control software, technology and maintenance.

As a result, we were able to evaluate not only the technical feasibility of achieving the customer's required cycle time, but also the return on the entire investment. The result of the work was a comprehensive report containing all the conclusions, serving as a basis for management decisions.

Technical assessment of the condition of the line and the need to make it more efficient

The customer needed to increase production capacity. One option was to buy out the old technology and automate and optimize it. Our task was to assess the technology technically and process-wise and define specific steps to achieve the required cycle time. The project team, which consisted of process engineers, designers and programmers, had a result for the customer in 2 weeks.

Process and technical audit of the machine

Within one week we carried out a process and technical audit of a single-purpose machine. The machine was supplied by a competitor and could not meet the customer's requirements. During the audit, we identified 12 significant deficiencies and suggested specific design modifications to correct them. The customer is planning another copy of this machine and wants to be sure it will work.

We will audit and redesign your automation for you.
Entrust us with the whole project or part of the solution.