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End of Line Test Station

End of Line Test Station

We know how to gain a significant competitive advantage by automatically testing and certifying the quality of individual products or entire batches.

End of line (EOL)

Using technology for product testing and trials will help you significantly reduce production rejects and complaints. Thanks to the tests carried out, the quality of products can be guaranteed by a production certificate.

EOL test stations can help you perform final tests and end-of-line inspections. These stations will play a key role in ensuring the quality, reliability and safety of your products before they leave your manufacturing plant and reach the market. Using diagnostic tools and software systems, you can perform a wide range of tests and inspections from mechanical, electrical to functional tests and more.


"Testers", as automated testing devices or stations are often called, are sophisticated devices containing the latest technology for measuring various mechanical or physical properties:

  • dimensional and shape conformity testing
  • testing of physical quantities
  • electrical properties
  • quality testing
  • materials structure testing
  • leak testing
  • and more

In particular, we apply the following systems to control, measure and test the required product properties:

  • Keyence camera systems
  • Sick, Pilz, Balluff sensors
  • SMC, Festo leak sensors
  • Specially developed fixtures
  • and more
Robotic leak testing workstation

Robotic leak testing workstation

Turnkey delivery of a fully automated robotic workstation for leak testing equipment for individual heat evaporators.

Delivered technology:

  • Robot 2x ABB IRB 4600-45/2.05, with load capacity 45kg
  • SCHUNK end effector
  • Allen-Bradley control system - Rockwell Automation

Our solution


Did you know that...?

Consistency, reliability, accuracy

Automating the testing process will allow you to process faster and reduce the need for human intervention, leading to lower costs and shorter production cycles.

Key benefits

Accuracy and reliability
Test machines perform measurements and tests with high precision, ensuring reliability and consistent results.

Saving time and costs
Automating the testing process enables faster processing and reduces the need for human intervention, resulting in reduced costs and shorter production cycles.

Wide range of tests
Test machines can perform a variety of test types, from physical and mechanical tests to electrical and chemical measurements.

Repeatability and consistency
An automated testing process eliminates human error and ensures test repeatability, which is key to quality and standards verification.

We will audit and redesign your automation for you.
Entrust us with the whole project or part of the solution.