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Keep production running and optimise processes in the virtual world

Whether you are changing established processes or looking for the optimal solution for your new project, using a dynamic simulation model, together we will evaluate the impact of the possible options and give you the basis for your key strategic decisions.

When is it advantageous to use dynamic simulation?

When you don't want to stop production or you don't want to move anything. 

We use the proven Plant Simulation software from Siemens. This allows us to test different variants of the solution and compare them with each other. We can simulate any industry sector.

With our experience in the development and implementation of automated lines, lean thinking applications and this software, we can support you during the investment preparation phase.

Typically, in simulation, we solve problems:

a) production lines

  • What is the production bottleneck?
  • Where will a new bottleneck be created when the existing one is removed?
  • What happens if it changes...?
  • Is it possible to meet the required cycle time under the given process and technological conditions?
  • How to use production capacity to the maximum?

b) human operators

  • How many operators do I optimally need to operate the equipment/line?
  • How busy are the operators?
  • What is the impact of the change in service for individual operators?
  • What impact will the change in shift patterns have on the performance of the line?

c) logistics processes

  • How can I optimise material flow?
  • Do I really need that much storage space?
  • How many pallets, baskets, trolleys do I optimally need?
  • How should logistics be linked to production?

d) Planning

  • What is the optimal size of inventory and work in progress?
  • What is the optimal dose size?
  • How to create an optimal production plan for successive lines?

When does dynamic simulation not help?

When you need to verify a line structurally, i.e. whether it is technically feasible. Here we recommend using our service machine healing.

Another example is when you want to collect and evaluate data from sensors on the line in real time. For this purpose we can offer our software DatICE.


We will audit and redesign your automation for you.
Entrust us with the whole project or part of the solution.