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Assembly Lines

Assembly Lines

We supply automation solutions for the final assembly of the world's leading automotive companies

Increased productivity, quality consistency, safety, cost reduction

We supply automation solutions for final assembly to German, Austrian, Italian and other Tier1 suppliers of the world's leading automotive companies.

We help them increase their efficiency and productivity, reduce costs and minimize human error.

Our solutions include:

Our solutions include:

  • turnkey automation deliveries of final assemblies
  • conveyor technology
  • robotization of assembly lines
  • reconstruction of existing conveyor technologies
  • skid and skillet technology
  • and more

The most often used components from which we construct assembly machines:

  • Festo pneumatics
  • SMC pneumatics
  • Bosch profiles
Sample of our solution

Series of projects for Comau Powertrain

The subcontract of electrical installation, PLC software development and production supervision for Daimler Star Transmission in Germany, Italy and Romania.

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Sample of our solution

Series of projects for Volkswagen Group

The longlasting cooperation on sub-supplies of PLC and Robotic SW development for Voith Industrial Services. Body shop Audi Neckarsulm, Audi Ingolstadt, VW Wolfsburg, VW Emden, VW Nizny Novgorod.

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Sample of our solution

Automated assembly lines for battery coolers for e-mobility

For our client, we have delivered several new assembly lines that both complete and simultaneously check the final product. We designed these lines from scratch in collaboration with the client, meeting weekly for regular updates. The project required the installation of ABB IRB 6700 robots, ABB scara robots, and the integration of a TRUMPF welding laser that precisely aligns parts before joining them to ensure their position is maintained before the actual soldering process. In other lines, connections are made using TOX presses and riveting tools. The final parts are marked with DMC (Data Matrix Code) for tracking and data recording in the system.

Delivered technology:

  • TRUMPF welding laser
  • TOX presses with riveting tools
  • ABB robots
  • DMC Keyence marking and verification
  • Crimping of connection points
  • Application of soldering paste
  • Festo Pneumatics
  • Rockwell control system and converters: (PowerFlex 755, PLC GuardLogix 1756-L74S + 1756-L7SP, PanelView Plus 1000 Panel)
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Did you know that...?

Key benefits

With their high degree of flexibility and adaptability, automated assembly lines are becoming an essential tool for the future Industry 4.0. They are adaptable, efficient and safe.

Their key advantages include: 

  • increase in the production stroke
  • increase in assembly quality
  • reduction of scrap rate
  • simplification of complex assembly operations
  • reduction of the risk of workplace accidents
  • elimination of bottlenecks in the production process
  • possibility of immediate quality testing

We will audit and redesign your automation for you.
Entrust us with the whole project or part of the solution.