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Your solution for lean manufacturing

Our services include analysis and implementation of lean methods that optimize your processes and minimize unnecessary waste of time, energy and materials. We also offer lean training to teach you how to work efficiently and minimize unnecessary costs.

We can answer questions

We can answer questions

  • Where are the bottlenecks in your production? 
  • How do you get basic production information? 
  • How many hours a day does your core machine really produce?
  • How much time do you spend adjusting the line?
  • Is the daily quantity produced sufficient or not?
  • Why do you spend time looking for materials and tools?

What can we help you with?

Process analysis
By analyzing the value (material and information) flow, we find the bottlenecks in your production and sources of waste. We will propose solutions that increase efficiency.

Reduce rebuild time
Using SMED, we reduce rebuild and setup times of your machines. This will create more time for your machines to produce.

Increase efficiency 
We eliminate waste in key processes. We reduce machine changeover and set-up times. We will introduce 5S elements and eliminate unnecessary searching for materials and tools. We will improve the awareness of people in the team.

Automation audit
We identify which processes make sense to automate and how to do it technically. Don't waste your money on automation that doesn't have a head or a tail.

Production monitoring
Make decisions based on facts. We have developed our own software for collecting DatICE and built the control of most of our machines on it.

Lean training 
We can train your people in our hands-on Industrial Academy lean training. We start with lean thinking training and then add selected lean methods.

Sustainable results

Sustainable results

When lean becomes part of your culture, it will bring you sustainable results. Our services help you harness the potential of your machines and people, optimize inventory of materials, production and finished goods, speed and simplify access to information, minimize poor quality and waste, and eliminate or reduce overproduction.

We offer a suite of tools to help you improve your manufacturing processes and achieve sustainable results. This is the concept of Lean Management, which is based on a systematic approach to finding and eliminating waste in processes.

Lean optimizes your processes and minimizes unnecessary waste of time, energy, materials and helps you use your people to their full potential.


Industrial Academy - Lean training

We help build a lean culture at all levels. We place emphasis on building a solid foundation that ensures the long-term sustainability of established processes.

Our main themes are: 

  • Identifying waste and potential for improvement 
  • Productivity, capacity and cost reduction projects 
  • A culture of continuous improvement 
  • Building a lean culture

Find out more about Industrial Academy

Our projects

We made 1 million. CZK per month

Together with the customer, we set ourselves the goal of increasing the long-term efficiency of production. We analyzed the situation and decided to divide the task into partial steps. To begin with, we focused on the last production node - the press shop, which turned out to be the most problematic point of production.

We've cut the setup in half

The aim of our collaboration was to speed up delivery times and introduce a lean approach - to kick-start a lean manufacturing culture with a long-term effect. As a first step, we analyzed the problems and created work teams that we methodically led. We changed the running processes, trained the people in the company and after only 6 weeks we could already see increased efficiency. The main added value of our cooperation is the sustainability and long term nature of the changes introduced.

We have reached an all-time high in production

In this project, we built on a previous successful collaboration to introduce lean manufacturing principles to another division of the company. Thanks to the return on investment, we were able to introduce a similar process (analysis, training of people, process improvement, regular reporting) to the rolling mill.

We increased production capacity by 22%

Trafin Oil, a company dedicated to the recycling of household oils, a very charitable and earth-friendly activity, approached us with the preparation of a new automatic line for processing barrels of used edible oil. After an initial rough concept, we agreed to first focus on optimizing the current production. We expected that optimizing the current production would yield a faster return on investment. This was also confirmed.

We will audit and redesign your automation for you.
Entrust us with the whole project or part of the solution.