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Using state-of-the-art technology, we combine our experience from various industries with your technological know-how

The design and mechanical construction of the machine itself is one of the basic prerequisites for a working machine with which you will be satisfied in the long term.

At ICE, we place great emphasis on safety and ergonomics. We have already thought through how we will operate the machine and how we will ensure the safe operation in each machine mode when we design the concept of the line . This way your operators can concentrate on their work without worry and concern.

Of course, this is also closely related to maintenance, which is very important for the correct and safe operation of the machine. When designing, we always try to minimize the dimensions of the machine with regard to easy access to all important parts that are subject to regular maintenance.

Our engineers are particularly experienced in technology:

  • Conveyor systems and handling
  • Bonding technology
  • Welding lines and machines
  • Assembly machines
  • Testing machines
  • Robotic workstations
Agile approach

Agile approach

Thanks to our agile project management approach, we will be in constant contact with you through regular meetings on a weekly basis. This way, you'll have a perfect overview of our ideas and we'll know that the machine we're developing for you will do exactly what you need in the best possible way. Our approach allows us to be very flexible in responding to changes that may occur during the development process.

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We guarantee to reduce your production costs, improve the quality of your products and increase the safety of your production.

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We will audit and redesign your automation for you.
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