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We bring young people into the game during their studies

We pass on the most valuable things we have learned in practice. Why? Because it makes sense to us. Because we want to share our experiences and pass on what they can't find in books or scripts. Nor can they. The field of automation is developing with great dynamics and what is current today is no longer valid tomorrow.

Creating an organisation for future generations

Creating an organisation for future generations

We are an organization that adapts to the contemporary world, its specifics and the changing needs of people. We perceive that the current generation of young people has very different motivations and needs and our goal is to find a common path that is in line with our values.

We see facts instead of impressions as important and therefore we also want students to make decisions based on their own experience, i.e. not only to hear and see what we do, but to see it best for themselves.

Theory at school, practice with us

Theory at school, practice with us

Internships, traineeships, temporary jobs

Do you want to try out what you've only heard about in lectures? And earn some money for your student life?

Show us what you've got and work on real projects under the guidance of experienced experts, where your opinions and ideas will be taken seriously and where you can be yourself.

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Automation Camp

Automation Camp

Sign up for week-long courses in programming, robotics and automation led by our experts in our development centre in Žďár nad Sázavou and ending with a certificate.

More information about camp

Robotics Courses

Robotics Courses

Join a robotics courses where you can build, program and learn to control your own robot.

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We are not stingy with our know-how

Interactive teaching

We engage in theoretical teaching in the form of interactive lectures and exercises on the premises of schools in order to present current trends in the field.

Bachelors / Diplomas

A wide range of topics will allow you to combine theory with practice under the guidance of an experienced expert who will help you see things in a broader context.


Seeing first-hand what we do and hearing first-hand how we can work together to create the future of not only automation but 3D concrete printing is definitely a great way to get to know us better. We organize excursions for kindergartens, primary schools, high schools, universities and for interested professionals and the general public.

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Through the eyes of students

Through the eyes of students

"I definitely appreciate the approach to people, friendly environment and communication. What I didn't know was explained to me in a friendly way, and everything was delivered at a professional level. My wishes and knowledge were given value. I always encountered something new here and learned a lot. I worked on company projects, so my work definitely didn't just go "in a drawer". I would describe the internship as fun - non-repetitive enriching with a lot of new information."

Martin Munzar, temporary worker, programmer


Primary School Na Radosti

We believe in education that inspires children, develops their individuality and prepares them for a successful life in the modern world.

For us, the Na Radosti School represents exactly the type of education that is missing here and is needed for future generations in the Czech Republic. We have been happily supporting this school since 2016 and are delighted to be part of this pioneering initiative that emphasises holistic development.

Na Radosti School's pedagogy is built on respect and reverence. This unique approach to teaching not only develops each child's potential, but also emphasizes on preparing them for real life. It teaches children to think creatively, make informed decisions and take responsibility for their opinions and actions. It listens to them, accepts and values their individuality. It seeks to discover and enhance their talents, providing a safe environment where they are free to experiment, make mistakes and continually develop.

We believe that education that inspires creativity, encourages critical thinking and teaches responsibility can be a bridge between the education system and the needs of modern business.

For us, supporting this school is an investment in a future where education is not just about memorizing facts, but about developing the skills that shape leaders and change-makers.

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