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We have a clear vision that guides our activities and actions

Our mission is to be a great place to work with a team that enjoys developing, manufacturing and bringing to life technologically superior machines and equipment that simplify our customers' lives and ensure a better and safer future..

  • We value our customers and want to deliver the best projects.
  • We have built our reputation on our professionalism and flexibility.
  • We deliver professional solutions in the best quality and within the agreed timeframe.
  • We have enough orders and our customers are satisfied.
  • Agile team management helps to keep projects running smoothly.
  • We learn from each other and take inspiration from the best companies in the world.

How does our vision translate into ICE's day-to-day operations?

Recording from the conference

15.11. 2018, 23 min.

The ICE vision encompasses all areas of our work, every single one of us. We have decided that we don't want to be a company with a classic hierarchical structure, and even though we are almost 200 people, we never work in teams larger than seven people. Each of us is responsible for his or her own part of the project. Each of us has to be proactive and make sure we always keep our word and deliver at true quality, while still being happy and proud of our work.

It's not just about working with each other in small teams, it's about each team working together. But we don't see deliveries by individual teams to others as business transactions. It's about emotions. Each of us puts part of our heart into our projects, and in doing so, we create a living organism in our company. We don't shy away from problems and complications, but we deal with them quickly, politely and efficiently. We are aware that this is the only way to gain and subsequently maintain our position as the best player on the market.

We have the best conditions for all this thanks to the background of our parent company Strojmetal, MTX Group and the set corporate culture.


Where we are going

With so many enthusiastic, clever and smart people in ICE, we are evolving rapidly. We invent, manufacture and bring automated production machines and lines to life for our customers.

We have customers in industries ranging from automotive to engineering, metallurgy, logistics, pharmaceutical, food, electrical and woodworking.

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