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We believe that children will use the experiences and skills they gain during the club both in school and in everyday life.

The aim of our clubs is to connect theory with practice in a playful way and to pass on our knowledge and experience to the next generation in a way that is fun and enjoyable for them.


Courses for children from 7 to 17 years old

What to expect from the course?

Creativity and innovation

You will discover new combinations and approaches to building and programming robots.

Team spirit

You will improve your communication skills and experience how effective it is to be a member of a team.

Analytical reasoning

You will learn to look beneath the surface of things and find answers to questions that will lead you to solve problems.


Every step, even the bad ones, moves you forward. You learn from your mistakes and keep improving.

Logical thinking

You will develop your ability to solve problems systematically and connect theory with practice.


By presenting your projects and solutions, you gain confidence and develop a form for sharing your thoughts and ideas.

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Dates of courses

Elementary schools

October 2023 - May 2024*
Every Tuesday from 16 to 17:15 p.m.


ICE Industrial Services, Jamská 2630/10, Žďár nad Sázavou

Secondary schools

October 2023 - May 2024*
Every other Wednesday from 15:30 p.m.

Capacity of the course

To fully engage with everyone, the capacity is limited to 10 children/students. 

Deadline for applications

Binding applications must be sent by 25 September 2023 at the latest.


The LEGO robots courses is organised in cooperation with Active SVČ. Other courses will be led by our experts from the ICE team, who can inspiringly share their extensive experience.

* During public holidays and vacations, the courses do not take place. 

Do you want to experience something new, fun and learn something at the same time in spring or summer?

Automation Camp

Most of what we know we learned from someone else. Now we want to give back to the world what we learned from them.



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