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Aligned teams are what set us apart from the rest

ICE is people. And what holds ICE together is their relationships.

We're putting more and more emphasis on breaking down the boundaries between teams. The natural foundation of our self-directed teams is true friendship. It's the only thing that has made our most successful projects possible.

No system and no artificially set processes can ensure that you have a harmonious team of friends. There's no way to get around it or fool it. Nominating a project team is easy. But creating dozens of aligned teams is probably the hardest challenge we've ever given ourselves at ICE.

ICE Team

Someone once said we're like a hockey team in a hockey locker room

When we defined what we would compare ICE culture to, the term "hockey locker room" came up. Why does it fit perfectly? We're a bunch of friends. In the locker room we sew each other up, we're able to argue over strategy, we pick on each other in a good way, we have captains who sometimes don't go far for strong words. The moment we go on the ice (read: project), we're together, we know what to do, we understand each other's passing, we go all in with our hearts. And we like to win. After the game, of course, we go for a beer.


It's not an environment for everyone, sometimes we don't go far for a swear word

Sometimes we're tired and we don't feel like it. But we always try to give our best so that we can experience success.

The success of ICE has always been and will always be about people. The enthusiasm and hard work of our people is the reason why 90% of our customers repeatedly contact us with further enquiries.


We have based our operations on a high degree of freedom and personal responsibility

But freedom does not mean anarchy. Our goal is to make ICE a company that is unique in the Czech Republic and that will inspire others. We are growing fast and we need to get results, which is why at ICE, more than in similar companies, we focus on company culture. We are creating a company concept for the next generation. 

Our projects are in 36 countries around the world. We need to be connected 24/7. We want to be able to get the best automation experts from all over the Czech Republic and surrounding countries, so we have been working in the cloud since the beginning and our office is basically the whole Czech Republic, and consequently the whole world.

We are building our brand, thanks to which we are not only gaining customers, but also new team members

Hundreds of candidates apply for a single position, so we can choose the best fit thanks to our careful recruitment process. Our onboarding ensures that the best people stay with us.

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