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Our agility is an added value for our customer

In 2018, we started to apply the elements of agile project management methodology more precisely. However, we did not try to apply it dogmatically. We tailored it to our needs, and we do the same with anything else. We can afford to do this because we know we have a great team operating on shared values, and together with our customers, we are achieving our intended goals and fulfilling their vision.


With agile tools, we know exactly where our joint project is at any time

Technically, time-wise and financially.

We welcome changing requirements even at a late stage of development. Our cross-functional and self-managed teams can coordinate their work flexibly and efficiently and communicate directly with the customer. We have adapted the Large Scale Scrum methodology to our needs and created our own framework - ICEgile.

What does Agile bring us?

  • Better organisation of work
  • Less stress on projects - more happiness at work
  • Fewer mistakes due to peer control of people in the team 
  • Elimination of repetitive errors and fewer mistakes from misunderstandings 
  • Better planning and schedule adherence

Mutual communication is essential

We abolished "general managers" and introduced expert teams that communicate directly with the customer's team. This ensures fast, flexible and efficient communication and project execution.

We coordinate the different parts of the development daily in morning five-minute meetings, evaluate the progress of the project in weekly reviews and inform our customer regularly in a weekly customer demo.


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