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Ten times faster production thanks to automation

Thanks to our parent company Strojmetal Aluminium Forging and cooperation with major suppliers of metal processing technologies, we are able to automate the forging process of iron and aluminium parts not only for the automotive industry.

Automated forging lines and machines are able to process metals with maximum speed and precision

We delivered a fully automated forging line for our parent company Strojmetal Aluminium Forging.


The input raw material of the line is aluminium bar material, which is cut into appropriate lengths in an automated production process and gradually transformed through a system of forging presses and furnaces into an output part in the form of a forged chassis part with the highest demands on strength and durability.  

Forging line for aluminium parts
Sample of our solution

Forging line for aluminium parts

For the line, which is one of the most modern aluminium forging lines in the world and which was designed, constructed and assembled entirely in the Czech Republic, we provided automation and a superior control system.

The entire forging line fully automatically cuts the bars, heats them to process temperature, rolls, bends, forges, cuts, forges and artificially ages the parts. All in a record cycle time of under 7 seconds. 

All operations are handled by 18 six-axis ABB industrial robots, which, along with all process operations, are controlled by our master system with production data acquisition and performance parameters (OEE).

The know-how ICE brought to the project

  • increase in production capacity by 30%

  • monitoring of line efficiency using online monitoring of our DatICE system

  • instant digital reporting, statistics and analysis

  • increased speed of service intervention (VPN access to all suppliers' devices)

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