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Looking for meaningful solutions to increase efficiency

Avoid unexpected costs when investing in production lines and halls. Choose the right level of automation for your future development and downstream processes such as logistics, planning and maintenance.

We will come up with a solution and put it into practice

  • We don't just make pretty presentations and analyses to be shelved.
  • We implement changes with real impacts on the bottom line.
  • We specialize in the subsequent implementation of industrial automation. 
  • We have completed 1300+ projects for major customers around the world.
  • We have expert teams of necessary professions under one center. 
  • From process engineers, business consultants, designers, programmers to roboticists.

Keep production running and optimise processes in the virtual world

With our experience in the design and implementation of automated lines, lean thinking applications and special Plant Simulation software, we can support you during the investment preparation phase.

Learn more about dynamic simulation

We offer a comprehensive approach to optimization
your manufacturing processes

Data collection

Together with your team, we map, collect and evaluate the input data, which we verify directly in production. Most often, we ask and find out the cycle times of production operations, planned quantities, constraints and conditions that we need to consider in the designs.  


We then analyse the data to get a picture of the real situation in your production. We will find out how efficiently you are using your time pool and whether your current processes are efficient or, conversely, whether your people are overloaded.

Proposals and evaluation

Based on the findings, we propose several possible scenarios. In our proposals, we take into account criteria that are important to you, which we agree on at the beginning of the project. We evaluate the scenarios according to the time and cost of implementation, the required production time, the number of shifts and the utilization of machines and personnel.

Verified software

We use Plant Simulation software to validate our ideas in a virtual environment and a practice-proven systematic and methodical approach. This allows us to test different solution options and compare them with each other.

Our projects

Verifying the impact of changes

What impact would adding another operator to the part assembly process have on line performance? What is the impact of irregular production supply? By how much would line output increase if supply was regular? These questions were also answered through dynamic simulation.

Customer saves tens of millions on melting line

Our task was to revise and prepare a new optimized line concept. We observed the production and asked operators, technicians, foremen and project managers. We identified bottlenecks and inefficient line balancing. We designed the line concept to meet the required cycle time, eliminating bottlenecks. 

We verified the concept using dynamic simulation to make sure we didn't forget anything. The result was:

  • reduction of robots by 2
  • reduction in the number of carriers on the line by approx. 40%
  • reduction of the required area by about one third
  • achieving the required cycle time

System behaviour prediction and visualisation

Our customer was planning to expand the automated line with an additional station and needed to determine the throughput of the conveyor system and the input robot cycle time for different scenarios and visualize the entire material flow. Within 3 days we created a dynamic simulation of the process and prepared the 6 most suitable solution options.

We will audit and redesign your automation for you.
 Entrust us with the whole project or part of the solution.