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Comprehensive security audit

We will assess the safety of your new and existing machinery and equipment or entire plants in accordance with applicable regulations. We will carry out the necessary audits and inspections, assess potential risks and help you to draw up technical documentation.

New machinery

Thanks to our safety experts, who have experience from renowned certification companies as well as many years of experience in the design and implementation of machines and lines, you can be sure that the machinery you are purchasing meets all relevant health and safety requirements and that the documentation submitted for your machine meets the requirements for placing it on the market.

From a manufacturer's perspective, we can help you ensure that the design, electrical design and software requirements of the machinery comply with Directive 2006/42/EC and harmonised standards:

  • Measurement of electrical equipment
  • Unit tests of switchboards
  • Verification of the safe strength of force-operated enclosures
  • Noise measurement on machines
  • Temperature measurement with a thermal imaging camera
  • Penetration tests with voltages up to 5kV
  • Measurement of data cables
  • introduction of the Loto system
  • PLr verification using Sistema software

Operated machinery

We will check the condition of your machines and relevant documentation. We will inspect the equipment to ensure that it meets the minimum requirements for safe operation and health protection when using machinery in accordance with Directive 2009/104/EC or Government Regulation No. 378/2001 Coll.

We will carry out the prescribed inspection of the electrical part of the supply to the machinery in operation in accordance with ČSN 331500 and periodic verification of the electrical part of the machine in accordance with the methodology of ČSN EN 60204-1 ed.3.

Because the machines in operation are often in a condition that does not meet the health and safety requirements of your employees. We will help you identify hazardous situations and assess the risks to the existing condition and propose solutions for protective measures and help you to eliminate them. For each machine, we will assess the state of the operational technical documentation and draw up a local operational safety regulation in accordance with Government Regulation No. 378/2001 Coll.

Production facilities

To help you sleep well, we will check the operating documentation for you and, if you wish, we will also correct any deficiencies or help you to draw it up.

We will prepare emergency lighting operating documentation, metrology regulations and local operating safety regulations for your premises. We will also evaluate external influences and prepare an External Influence Determination Protocol in accordance with CSN 33 2000-5-51 ed. 3. Last but not least, we will prepare the document Safe Working System for Lifting Equipment.

Do you want to be in full control of the safety of your operation?

We will be happy to train your safety personnel and responsible persons and teach them how to correctly proceed with the conformity assessment of new machinery according to the standards of prescribed procedures, measurements, necessary equipment and applicable legislation.

Our other training courses cover the legislative requirements for machinery and occupational safety in connection with the operation of dedicated technical equipment. The training includes practical demonstrations and measurements on machines.

We will up-skill your inspection and inspection technicians to carry out safety checks and verifications on machinery and the correct installation of electronic equipment to achieve electromagnetic compatibility. We will teach your technicians how to correctly perform a risk analysis and estimate the required level of safety function of the PLr.

We will audit and redesign your automation for you.
Entrust us with the whole project or part of the solution.