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Painting Lines

Painting Lines

Surface treatment technology is one of the traditional supplies in the portfolio of our specialists

Comprehensive solution

We supply complete paint shop solutions including conveyor technology, air handling, drying, waste water treatment and other related processes. We are experienced in wet and powder coating technologies, UV and others.

We provide for you

  • degreasing of car bodies
  • cleaning of car bodies
  • electrostatic priming (e-coating)
  • robotic painting
  • cavity spraying
  • and more
Sample of our solution

Armrest assembly line

The turnkey delivery of an automated assembly line built from individual process and test workstations.

Delivered technology:

  • Robot 2x ABB IRB 4600, 2x ABB IRB 2600, 2x ABB IRB 1200
  • Stamping and riveting workplace using electromechanical linear actuators
  • Automatic dosing equipment, transport, and application of hotmelt adhesive, solved by BALTI dosing system 
  • Deprag automated screw application, dispenser, and screwdriver
  • Testing workstations - Keyence camera systems
  • PLC Siemens SIMATIC S7-1500
  • Process control using R / W RFID tags and parent system
  • Fully day center I / O - PROFInet, PROFISafe, IO-Link
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Sample of our solution

Series of projects for Volkswagen Group

The longlasting cooperation on sub-supplies of PLC and Robotic SW development for Voith Industrial Services. Body shop Audi Neckarsulm, Audi Ingolstadt, VW Wolfsburg, VW Emden, VW Nizny Novgorod.

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Sample of our solution

Electric tester for bumpers

For our customer, we supplied an EOL tester for testing the front and rear bumpers of the Audi Q7 and Q8. The tester tests the functionality of the electrical components of the bumpers - various sensors and cameras.  

Delivered technology:

  • LIN communication

  • Festo Pneumatics

  • Siemens control system:

    • PLC Siemens 1512F-1 PN

    • Panel TP 1200

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Did you know that?

Automated painting lines

Thanks to the precise function of the robots and computer control, they achieve consistent and high-quality painting of decorative and protective layers. 

Automated painting systems minimize human intervention and maximize the quality of the finish, bringing countless benefits.

Key benefits

Precise and consistent painting
The robots work with highly precise movements, ensuring the same paint quality on every product. The result is a highly consistent finish that gives the impression of perfection.

Increased productivity
Thanks to the continuous operation and speed of the robots, these lines are able to achieve much higher production in less time than traditional painting methods.

Reduced costs
Automated paint lines minimize the need for human labor and associated costs, reducing overall production costs and increasing the profitability of the business.

Robots take over hazardous tasks, reducing the risk of workplace accidents and providing a safer work environment for employees.

These lines are designed to be easily adaptable to different sizes and types of products. This allows companies to respond quickly to changes in demand and produce a wide range of products.

We will audit and redesign your automation for you.
Entrust us with the whole project or part of the solution.