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Automated foundries are where tradition meets technology.

We integrate ultrasonic and surface detectors, automatic circular saw and palletizing into transport pallets

We design and supply automation solutions for foundry plants for the production of aluminium bars. Our lines consist of the handling of aluminium bars from casting modules and their sequential handling and transfer to an accumulation conveyor system.

Benefits you can achieve by integrating automation solutions

Thanks to advanced robotic systems and automation, greater precision can be achieved in casting even complex geometries.

Automation speeds up the entire process, which means shorter production times and faster availability of products on the market.

Each moulding is consistent and conforms to precisely defined parameters, reducing the risk of defects and poor quality products.

Reduced costs
Efficient use of raw materials, energy and labour leads to economic savings and increased profitability.

Bar casting automation line
Sample of our solution

Bar casting automation line

The line is designed for handling aluminium bars with a diameter of 30 mm to 130 mm from casting stands to packing into shipping packages. The entire line is designed with regard to the range of types of bars to be handled (diameter, length), taking into account the interrelationships of the casting technology and the main workplaces - ultrasonic inspection, cutting, milling and bar packaging. Longitudinal and transverse conveyors, transfer stations, transverse manipulators and packaging, including fencing, are the basis of the handling itself.

Project in data:

  • The line is divided into 7 zones
  • 8420 hours worked, 12 months of implementation
  • 3 technological operations
  • Bar diameter 30 - 130 mm
  • Bar length 4 - 6 m

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