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Two bunkers for the military

3D printing of concrete

We dedicated two Class A5 bunkers to the Army of the Czech Republic, printed using 3D concrete printing technology. The ceremonial handover of the bunkers took place at the 21st Tactical Air Force Base in Čáslav.

A delegation composed of representatives from the Ministry of Defense, the Army of the Czech Republic, the University of Defense, and the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic visited Žďár nad Sázavou to examine the 3D concrete printing technology MoDeSty (Modular Defense System), which the company has been developing for the second year, confirming its enormous potential for constructing defense elements. Subsequently, accompanied by representatives of the ICE company, the delegation moved to Čáslav to take over the bunkers printed using 3D printing technology.

With a decade of experience in automation, we deliver our products to 36 countries worldwide. Besides digitizing existing industries, our original intention was to digitalize construction, especially for urban construction purposes. However, the war conflict in Ukraine quickly led us to the idea of using 3D concrete printing for the construction of defense elements. Whether it be bunkers, barriers, urban shelters, checkpoints, warehouses, or other structures for protecting human lives and strategic infrastructure, their advantage lies in a modular system that allows constructions to be assembled according to a specific purpose and reused after the end of a conflict. As part of the development, the company created bunkers that successfully passed tests at a ballistic center and received certifications for three ballistic resistance categories A3, A4, and A5 according to NATO standards. The first modular bunker was donated by ICE to Ukraine in April of last year.

In addition to resilience and adaptability, another advantage of 3D technology is the speed of printing, material savings, and human potential. Constructions do not need to be transported but can be printed directly on-site using a mobile printer. The public had the opportunity to view a demonstration of the unique 3D-printed structure in the fall of last year at the international Designblok showcase in the garden of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague.

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