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Employee development at ICE

ICE culture

We are a modern company whose main wealth lies in its people. That's why we pay a lot of attention to their development. We care about them staying with us, so we don't allow them to flounder unnecessarily for long. Instead, we do everything to ensure they integrate into our team as quickly as possible.

We offer ideal conditions for a smooth start, but self-initiative is the foundation. Those who are attuned to our way of thinking quickly fit in.

We start with onboarding, which is intensive, but through the legendary ICE Lego Game, the new colleague has the opportunity to go through the company from A to Z and understand the principles on which we operate. A few intensive days can replace months of acclimatization.

After joining, each newcomer is assigned a team navigator, or guide, who shares the joys and challenges and, most importantly, helps them better identify new opportunities through development activities. For better identification, we have a unique development tool, MatICE.

Basic development activities for colleagues include those necessary for job performance, such as training on electrical regulations, work safety, or specific programming languages.

Then ICE offers a range of other trainings that each person can customize as needed. These include regular internal trainings on various topics like robotics, lean thinking, or legal consulting. Our trainings are not boring; they are practically focused with the goal of conveying the most important information.

Unique to ICE is building communication competencies and developing leadership skills across the company, not just in managerial positions. Anyone has the opportunity to enroll in Enneagram training, focused on self-awareness. This training helps participants better understand their role in communication with colleagues, improve skills, and make the overall work result as efficient as possible.

Another specific development activity is the ICE Academy, a comprehensive self-development program focusing on self-management and critical thinking. It consists of theoretical lectures, practical exercises, experiential events, team activities, and sometimes stepping out of the comfort zone. A significant component is self-study and skill training, sharing experiences, and team support. Through several multi-day trips and seminars, participants gain new competencies that help with self-awareness and more effective team collaboration.

ICE offers unique opportunities; it's up to each individual which direction they want to develop in.

"Thanks to the Academy, I was able to reflect on myself and better understand others. After completing it, I'm not automatically a better manager, leader, or person. But it's a great tool to do something for oneself and one's development. Everything else is just my journey." Staňa

"The Academy confirmed to me that ICE is made up of people who share common experiences. Homework and 'teaching hours' have advanced us all in our development, so we can continue to grow."