We know almost everything about automation and now we are digitizing construction

3D printing of concrete pushes the boundaries of what is possible. It provides unprecedented freedom of design and architectural proposals. The combination of traditional materials and state-of-the-art technology saves material, time and the environment.

We are developing a versatile complex
3D printing system for concrete

  • Custom print head for multi-component printing.
  • Various platforms - Industrial robots, gantry solutions, crane solutions.
  • Comprehensive control using industrial buses.
  • Development of custom multi-component construction material with grain size of 4mm and more.

Why 3D printing of concrete?

  • Allows up to 70% material savings.
  • Creates the opportunity to use environmentally friendly materials.
  • Expected savings of up to 50% compared to conventional construction.
  • Addresses a long-standing shortage of construction workers.
  • Opens the door for digital construction.

„Our shared mission is to make construction sustainable, efficient and safe through new materials, structures and automation.“

Rudolf Hela, Professor, founding member of EIMAC


ICE Coral
Concrete Robotic Arm Laying
It is natural to grow, not to build

We give architects freedom

3D concrete printing allows architects to design almost anything, the limits of what is possible have long since been surpassed by traditional methods. Organic shapes inspired by nature are pleasing to the eye, blend easily into the surrounding environment, and are usually the best way for a building to withstand the elements. The special touch and creativity of 3D printing does not detract from the strength and durability of the elements created.

We are building the first Czech concrete 3D printing farm

It consists of several robotic 3D printers, based on the precise application of concrete and our unique print head, which enables multi-component printing using a unique method of pumping and homogenizing the material.

We bring unlimited possibilities for the production of special parts. Urban furniture, playgrounds or building elements, it is all possible. Fast turnaround, affordability and the ability to produce structures without traditional lost formwork are great arguments for producing a variety of building elements using the 3D printing method.


Prefabricated production

Precision elements in engineering

3D printing of houses


Concrete is the second most used material in the world, with more than two-thirds used unnecessarily in traditional processes. Special 'hollow' walls or the use of local materials such as clay or desert sand will significantly reduce the environmental burden of construction. We want to contribute to the development of new materials that produce 70% less CO₂ at a comparable price.


EIMAC is an independent European institute connecting the fields of automation, materials, and their structures. By sharing the latest knowledge in these fields, it strives to advance the construction industry.

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