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ICE Questionnaire #WeAreICE Andrea Klimentová


Andrea Klimentová joined the ICE team in 2020. She works as a Talent Scout and is responsible for recruiting talents into the software and installation teams. She arranges work permits for colleagues traveling abroad and organizes the recruitment of temporary staff, which is seeing an ever-increasing interest.

➡️ Andy, do you remember when and how you first learned about ICE?

I heard about it from my colleague Martina, who was supposed to join but instead went on maternity leave. She recommended me in her place, but now we're both here 🙂.

➡️ What was new and different at ICE compared to your previous job?

Almost everything😀. Compared to the corporation I came from, there was a huge amount of freedom here. There are no time clocks or strictly set working hours, we have minimal paperwork and bureaucracy, and we essentially created processes not just to have them, but to make them meaningful.

➡️ What exactly does your job entail?

Searching for and selecting new team members for the SW and installations is the most important part of my job. I'm essentially the first person candidates interact with, managing their recruitment process, which is quite unique at our company, and ideally, their onboarding. 🙂

➡️ What does the selection process at ICE look like?

It all starts with a phone interview with the applicant, followed by an online technical test for technical positions, and for all candidates, we have an online video questionnaire, which is not very common in Czech practice. But for us, video questionnaires represent a huge efficiency in recruitment because all members of the strategic team can get to know the candidate in a moment, no matter where they are in the country (or the world). Then comes a personal meeting at ICE, and if we click in person, we discuss the terms of joining.

➡️ Can you share something that didn’t go as planned in your work?

Certainly. 🙂 For example, I once wrote the wrong name in a salutation and once even put the wrong branch in an offer.

➡️ How do you best relax after work?

Probably with a walk, cycling/skiing (ending with some socializing, of course), good wine, and a movie.

➡️ You have twins at home, which is challenging in itself. How do you balance that with demanding work?

The fact that they are twins actually makes things easier for me. The boys usually entertain each other, and I get some 'free time'. Having enthusiastic grandparents helps a lot too. 🙂 I think anything can be balanced if the company is flexible and open to setting suitable conditions with its people.

➡️ How would you describe ICE's culture in three words?

Friendship, openness, flexibility.

➡️ What do you value most about working at ICE?

Definitely the people; they are wonderful here. And as a mother, the freedom of when, how, and from where I do my work. That's definitely not yet standard in Czech conditions.

➡️ What would you say to candidates considering a position at ICE?

Contact me, I'd be happy to discuss all your questions. 🙂 We try to keep all open positions on cocuma or, but if you don’t find yours there, maybe we just don't know yet that we need you. 🙂 And keep an eye on,

➡️ What should they avoid during their selection process from your perspective?

Nothing major comes to mind. If they stay true to themselves, everything will be perfectly fine.

What does colleague Tereza Teclová say about Andrea?

"Having such a colleague is a joy, I really enjoy working with her. She is friendly, positive, always looking for ways to improve our recruitment process, helps, and advises whenever needed. She has a high degree of empathy, truly loves the people and the whole of ICE, and it shows in her work."