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Invest in Yourself and Your Team: Education with Financial Support Up to 82 %

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In the digital age, where technology evolves at a faster pace than ever before, continuous education and skill development are key to success. Whether you're an individual aiming to push the boundaries of your expertise or a company looking to enhance the competencies of your people, ICE Industrial Academy offers a comprehensive system of courses tailored to your needs. Individuals now have the advantage of applying for funding for selected courses through the MPSV program, which reimburses them for more than 80 % of the costs.

Three steps to enhance your professional qualifications and give your team's skills a new direction

  1. Choose a tailor-made course according to your needs

Our courses cover a wide range of topics - from basic to advanced PLC programming, visualization creation, simulation of robotic systems, to lean thinking. You are the main actor - our participants, to whom we strive to tailor our courses while ensuring you learn only essential information about automation, which is a key tool for achieving efficiency and productivity in many industries today. Each course is designed so that you can immediately apply the skills acquired in practice and be prepared for rapid changes in your field. Our long-standing experience and feedback from graduates allow us to continuously improve our courses, and a limited number of participants guarantees an individual approach and ample time to discuss everything.

  1. Check your financing options and invest in yourself

For most of our courses, individuals can utilize financing from the state-supported MPSV program, which covers 82% of the costs. It's important to note that applicants don't need to be registered as job seekers. These are not requalification courses. The only requirement is their co-participation in the course, contributing 18 % of the total price.

  1. Decide and register in time

Individuals who would like to take advantage of co-financing should apply on the Industrial Academy in detail of the selected course through the "MPSV Application" button, choose a date, fill in the necessary initials, and submit the application. In the following days, they will receive confirmation on whether the labor office will reimburse them (82% of the total amount). For tailor-made courses for companies, it is necessary to apply by filling out the "Register for a course" form, which you can find with each published course in the programming, robotics, and lean categories. If needed, we can tailor the course in terms of timing and content to your requirements.

Why choose ICE Industrial Academy?

Our courses are open to everyone eager to learn and develop. Whether you're at the start of your career or looking for a way to enhance your professional competencies or train people in your team. The training is led by experienced professionals from the field, who have extensive experience with the application of technologies in the industrial environment. They share not only theoretical knowledge but also practical experiences and best practices from Czech and international projects.