We are the team that sticks together and enjoys the work

Everyone creates their conditions for work. We have great freedom, with which comes great responsibility as well. The right balance between freedom and control is determined by our corporate values which are set by ourselves.

Our values are not blabber and they are not clichés. We really live them.

  • Our entire team has contributed to the creation of our values based on the personal values of each of us.
  • They help in our recruitment process to search for the right new team members who fit us.
  • Honoring our values is more important than expertise or experience.
  • Our values represent  the way how we want  to behave to each other and  how we would like to present ourselves in public.

We spend a lot of time on our projects and we operate from eight offices in the Czech Republic. It is difficult for us to meet  the whole team so all the employees meet twice a year, which is always a great fun.

We all want to develop professionally. Each member of our team has a tailor-made career plan and the senior team helps him/her to grow.


Our mission is to be a great place to work with enthusiastic employees who love to develop, produce and bring to life technology-leading machines and equipment that simplify life for our customers and ensure their better and safer future.

Automation for a better tomorrow

Automation for a better tomorrow

Automation for a better tomorrow