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"The unprecedented freedom of design."

The Chapel of Convergence is based on our long-standing research and interpretation of the Czech architect Jan Blažej Santini-Aichl, which we are taking further thanks to new tools and technologies.  

Santini-Aichel combined the incompatible in the Gothic Baroque, creating his own architectural language. 

We are building on his innovative approaches to creating space and architecture that are still relevant today, 300 years after his death.

Obrázek 1
Obrázek 2
Obrázek 3
Obrázek 4

visualization: Flying Architecture

New possibilities

New possibilities

In the chapel, we sought to make the interior as immaterial as possible, using the architecture of the openings that subtly connect the interior with the exterior, thus referring to the close relationship between man and his environment.

Emergence, dematerialisation and stereotomy, as well as the construction of space through the use of diagrams, are themes that run through architecture even today and which we apply at ICE Architects & Constructions.

Prototype segment

Prototype segment

The chapel building is composed of eighteen unique parts.

Architecture Festival 2022

Architecture Festival 2022

At the Brno Architecture Festival in 2022, we presented a fragment of a wall construction from the upcoming project of the Chapel of Convergence. The fragment represents the main advantages of printed objects: complex geometry, material savings and speed of production. It also gives architects the advantage of freedom in designing structure and form that would be almost impossible to achieve using traditional methods. 

The entire chapel is made up of eighteen unique parts produced using 3D printing technology. The internal structure is optimized for efficient material distribution. The organic shapes are structurally advantageous, while also fulfilling an aesthetic function.