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In cooperation with SKANSKA we have successfully tested the use of concrete 3D print directly on the construction site of residential development in Modřany. We have temporarily installed our robotic printer on the fourth floor. The resulting structure will serve as a facility (specifically, toilet) for residents during their leisure time on the shared terrace of the building. Object has a footprint of approximately 2,5 x 2 meters, with a height of just under 3 meters. 

Obrázek 1
Obrázek 2
Obrázek 3
Obrázek 4
Obrázek 5

The implementation itself took place during full operation at the construction site, and the printing material was transported from the nearby SKANSKA Transbeton concrete batching plant located in Uhříněves. The printing time was 2 hours, and approximately 1 m3 of material was used for the structure. To grasp the technology's possibilities, the architectural concept was carefully selected and iterated, while tests of locally available materials were conducted in the meantime. From the initial idea to the delivery of the work, exactly 100 days elapsed.