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"Greenery inscribed in
public space."

1, 2, 3... 10, Done. Robot, concrete and 10 minutes. This is how a collection of concrete pots, an imaginary typography in public space, is created. A message to the people written in green. One of the first mass-produced planters in the world made with 3D concrete printing technology, designed primarily for public spaces. The Typo collection offers eight shapes that, when viewed from a certain angle, give the impression of balancing on their bottom edge. The planters can also be fitted with a self-watering system. The planted plants will thus make the climate of the public space more pleasant even where there is not enough natural rainfall.

For mmcité

Obrázek 1
Obrázek 2
Obrázek 3
Obrázek 4

foto: mmcité